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Ergonomic office furniture and equipment

We’ll soon be launching our online store selling innovative ergonomic office furniture and equipment. Below we’ve outlined a few products you can look forward to:

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms help keep your computer screens at the correct height and angle and once you’ve used one you’ll refuse to work without one! We offer pole-mounted and gas-lift monitor arms from the UK’s leading manufacturers, available for single or multiple screen arrangements, in a variety of colours, with useful add-on attachments like laptop holders.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

We offer many types of office chair, from simple, sturdy and supportive task chairs to orthopaedic chairs with all the bells and whistles tailored to your exact ergonomic needs. Most of our office chairs are available in a huge variety of fabric choices to match them to your home office or workplace interior style.

Sit/stand desks and workstations

Research suggests that moving regularly during your working day can help you feel less tired and stressed and more engaged and productive. Our height adjustable electric desk ranges are inexpensive but incredibly robust allowing you to quickly and smoothly adjust your desk height without disrupting your work. Added extras like anti-collision technology help keep things safe if you’re working at home with kids and animals around your workspace. Desk frames come in a choice of colours with a variety of desktop finishes also available.

Cable management

Keeping your workspace tidy and free from clutter has huge benefits and cable management plays a big part in this. Keeping power and data cables out of the way makes working and cleaning much easier whilst creating extra space on and below your desk.

Innovative products like cable spines are easy to install and adapt to your workspace, whether under a standard desk or a height adjustable desk. You could also use cable socks, cable trays and cable baskets to keep all the leads our of sight and out of mind. If you’ve ever had a pet or child chew or chop through cables you’ll know that cable management is just as important at home as it is in the office environment.

Ergonomic keyboards and mice

Intelligently designed keyboards, tablets and mice, designed by ergonomics experts, have huge benefits, reducing the risks of repetitive strain injury amongst others.

Power adaptors

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to locate an empty power socket at work you’ll know what a difference power adaptors can make. A smart combination of under-desk power modules and desktop power modules allow workers to keep computers and screens plugged in out of sight whilst day-t0-day devices like tablets and mobile phones can be charged conveniently within arms reach.

CPU holders

CPU holders keep computer towers and thin-client desktop PCs out of the way under your desk whilst keeping them off the floor. This keeps your valuable desk space clear and allows for space underneath the CPU.

Some of our smaller CPU holders can be attached to our pole-mounted monitor arms keeping thin-client and mini CPUs out of the way at the back of the desk but still available to make use of data ports.