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Workspace Wellbeing

Ergonomics is described as the science of designing and arranging things people use to enable them to interact most efficiently and safely. It’s sometimes called human factors, human engineering, or biotechnology. The word ‘ergonomics’ comes from the Greek word ‘ergo’ meaning ‘work’ and ‘nomics’ meaning the rules of a discipline. Now you know.

Here at Ministry of Ergonomics, we want to offer a fresh holistic approach to workplace ergonomics, encompassing everything that affects your productivity and wellbeing while you’re working, whether you’re at home, in an office, factory, laboratory or space shuttle.

Recent circumstances have highlighted a need for greater understanding of how people work and what they value most about their work. People now care much more about the environment they are expected to work in and how it affects their health and wellbeing. Workspace investments that were considered a luxury in the past have quickly become considered to be essential.

As millions of people continue to work from home or look to split their time between home and office, the importance of a healthy, supportive working environment has become much more apparent. Problems are easier to identify and address in a corporate environment – where the dragon from HR can spot you slouching at your desk over the CCTV – but not as simple if you’re hiding working at home out of sight, reclined on your sofa in your pjs with your laptop* balanced on your legs.

Educating the workforce about ergonomics is key to avoiding unhealthy habits and we aim to provide all the information you and your employers could possibly need to make informed decisions about your working environment.

Our simple mission is to keep you healthy and happy at work. We want you to experience the same warm fuzzy feeling we get every time we sit down (or stand up) at our desk.

We call it Workspace Wellbeing™.

Moe the bear

Meet Moe

Moe the bear is our CEO (comfort experience officer).

Being a big cuddly bear, Moe loves nothing more than being comfortable – he’ll go to great lengths to achieve it and he’s keen to share his wealth of wisdom with the world.

Unlike Moe you probably have work to do, and you have to leave roaming the forests for the weekends. However Moe knows what works best to help people stay happy and healthy so whether you need advice on your workspace, product recommendations or design ideas Moe is available to help – keep an eye out for him around our online shop.

Just ignore him when he tells you to rub your bum on a tree.