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Illingworth Research Group

Project overview

Moving from offices spread across Macclesfield to their new UK HQ at Hazelwood House. A 14800 ft2 quality office space at Tytherington Business Village in Macclesfield. The new workspace will accommodate not only their existing headcount but allow them to grow resources and infrastructure to support ambitious global growth plans.

Illingworth Research Group provides a range of patient focused clinical services to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology and medical device industries. These include mobile research nursing, patient concierge, medical photography and clinical research services.


The business is Macclesfield born and bred and this is where we wanted to stay, but in workspace more suited to us that could accommodate not only existing headcount but allow us to build out our resource and infrastructure to support our growth plans.

John Illingworth, Chairman


Illingworth Research Group


On the first floor departments aspired to a bright vibrant space with meeting and video conference spaces. Individual cellular space for management and team spaces for collaboration, breakout and quiet concentration. All departments have very different roles and these teams are currently distributed across offices across the town therefore bringing them together could create areas of noisy working.

iQ workspace were engaged to create the new headquarters working with what was essentially a blank canvas, but working with their preferred corporate colour choice. Individual questionnaires from stakeholders and business unit heads were completed and coordinated. Added to this was the need for meeting spaces. Tea making points, kitchen spaces, guest catering space, reception area, a gym and staff dining restaurant.

Discrete department spaces

Discrete department spaces were created using planter topped storage, utilised to define and divide the various teams. Adding plants to storage adds oxygen to the space and absorbs sound.

Building this into storage achieves three aims of providing at the workstation file storage, demarking space and creating a green space which has significant health benefits.

Nova Bench desks with Kardo monitor arms

All staff were arranged in clusters utilising Nova Bench desks with desktop power and Kardo monitor arms to offer maximum desk surface area and minimising cabling. Underdesk power supply and cables are accessed via the sliding top workstations. Sit/stand workstations were introduced where needed for particular staff. All staff are seated on very comfortable and adjustable Kind Task Chairs from Edge Design.

mounted acoustic screens

All workstations are fitted with desk mounted acoustic screens at 530mm high giving a high degree of privacy/concentration for the staff and superior sound absorption qualities.

Certain teams were identified as being particularly noisy and overhead sound baffles in the shape and colours of clouds were introduced to help absorb additional sound from these teams

Flexible meeting space

Quiet meeting space booths provided for ad-hoc meeting, quiet working or meeting is solved by Fifteen Environments from Edge Design. Narbutas’ Myspace utility pods are introduced to hide printers and also further absorb ambient office noise

Hoozone Pods

Hoozone Pods by Era, each with AV capability, were introduced to create focussed environments for meetings, video conferences or private interview spaces. As Hoozone Pods require no fixing to the structure of the building there is no dilapidation cost, the units may be reconfigured and redeployed.

Breakout space

Breakout space is created using Boss Design’s Myriad and offers space for adhoc meetings and chill out space for staff.

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